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We provide Nursing care, Home care, Senior care, Home support, Residential Care, Private home Care and more. Our clients are all ages from young to seniors and we help those needing disease care, special needs care and mental illness care. We are also happy to provide private nursing care and other support services in Health care facilities.

Professional, Loving, Dedicated, Trusted Home Care Services in Hamilton

Our Values

Our Values guide us to be Professional, Loving, Dedicated, Trusted. These are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Effective, Timely, Professional Health Care Services for seniors across Hamilton

Our Mission

Our Mission compels us to provide effective, timely, professional health care services and to enhance the lives with which we’re entrusted.

We strive to improve Our Client’s Quality Of Life with our high-quality home care services in Hamilton

Our Vision

SeePlus Healthcare Services vision reminds us that we must provide services that improve our client’s quality of life and refresh their physical, mind and spirit.

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Our Experienced Caregivers ensure that your loved one receives the best possible care

Experience Quality Care with Trained and Qualified Caregivers

Our agency employs only the most qualified and experienced caregivers, including registered nurses and personal support workers, ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care.

“SeePlus Healthcare Services helped me get through the entire recovery process after going through heart surgery." 

Thanks to their personal care and concern for my well being, I was able to transition back into my home, and they even provided the transportation. Bless you for your kind assistance in my time of need.

Audrey Byers, Hamilton Ontario

Our Home Care Provider helps you to get through the entire recovery process after going through surgery

Discover The Passionate Care of Seeplus Healthcare Services

Seeplus Healthcare Services is a leading provider of nursing and home care for seniors. Founded in June 2016 by Samuel Ekanem, the company was born out of a love for people and a desire to give back to the community. Samuel, a nurse with over 11 years of experience, quickly realized the need for quality nursing and home care services and set out to make a difference in people's lives...


With our high-quality home care services in Hamilton, we ensure that your Loved One receives the best care and support

Tailored Care Plans for Your Unique Needs

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Our professional can help you get 24-hour care at home

24/7 Support for Peace of Mind

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Arthur Milton, Milton, Ontario

“SeePlus has always been there for me, helping by administering my many medications and monitoring my meds, to insure that I don’t have to worry about it all. Even when we are playing a game of Scrabble together, or just being there to make my life more livable. Thank you SeePlus Home Health Care, for all that you have continued to do for me.”

We offer personal care services to your senior in Hamilton, assisting with their basic need and medication.

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